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    This is one Olmsted Scholar's experiences and travels while based out of Jerusalem, Israel. I'll be learning Hebrew at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for a year before tackling a two-year degree taught in Hebrew, and traveling throughout the region to better understand other cultures, and how they see America. Should be fun!

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החנות של אלי – Eli, my unofficial Hebrew tutor

As many of you know, I’ve been on the lookout for ways to both improve my Hebrew as well as better understand all aspects of society here in Israel.  I see this as the main purpose of the Olmsted Scholarship; to become fluent in a different culture.  Through friends, I was given an unprecedented opportunity … Continue reading

Water and Security

Taking a break from some of the daily life issues in Jerusalem which I’ve been remiss in relating to talk about a piece in this week’s (November 19th, 2011) Economist.  This link may or may not take you to the article entitled “South Asia’s Water: Unquenchable Thirst – A growing rivalry between India, Pakistan and … Continue reading

After a long absence…back!

To my two or three followers – I have been incredibly, painfully, awfully remiss in my updates over the past…many months.  For this, I can only say that I am not a natural ‘sharer.’  Those of us in the profession of arms are probably less likely to share information than others, and as much as … Continue reading

One month of Hebrew down…Tov Me’od!

This week brought a lot of new and exciting things.  First, and probably most importantly, W and I finished our first month of Hebrew at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  Five hours a day is a lot (not as much as I’ve been force-fed before, but that’s a good thing), and it’s nice to have … Continue reading

Long time coming

Hi folks.  So I intended to make this blog a guide to my/our experiences here in Jerusalem these three years, and things started out really well, I think.  Reality has hit me square in the face, though, and in the midst of 5 hours of Hebrew classes five days a week, homework on top of … Continue reading

A Weekend of Touring Part 1 – The Judean Hills

W and I took the opportunity to do a few trips over the past long weekend before we started language training.  At a bit of a whim, we decided to do a short driving tour recommended in Frommers, which is advertised as ‘2 ½ hours, with minimal stops’.   Leaving around 1 pm (we slept in), … Continue reading

A different look at Shabbat

We’ve spent our Friday nights different ways over the past month.  Sometimes we’ve done nothing, sometimes we’ve done a Shabbat dinner ourselves, once we went out to eat at a restaurant that was open (non-Kosher…The Colony, which is a great place to get meal or a beer or both and do some people watching).  The … Continue reading

The JNF Tour – Everything you ever needed to know about Israel but didn’t know to ask

A few weeks ago, W and I were walking back from dinner and stopped in at the Wolfson center, which was having a small exhibition of Yom Tov paintings.  Yom Tov is a Hassidic artist who paints with oils in a bright impressionist style.  Most of the art on exhibit was ‘eh’, but there were … Continue reading

The Intifada Took the Fun Out of the Occupation – Catching Up (Part 2)

More catching up. One of the interesting things about Israel is Shabbat dinner – for someone who’s not Jewish, and didn’t grow up in a Jewish neighborhood in the US, it’s a unique concept.  I will probably butcher the specifics – W has all of the books coming so I can really get my facts … Continue reading